👑 Queen Elizabeth II NFTs 👑

HRH Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away on 8th September 2022. 

On 9th September we set to work to create 999 commemorative NFTs to celebrate the Queen. 

QENFT was launched on 10th September as a way to immutably remember the iconic style of Queen Elizabeth II. 

QENFT Artwork

Our goal is to create a minimalistic style of artwork that tastefully represents the fashion that the Queen become renowned for around the world.

The Queen changed, facially, significantly during her reign, but we want to remember her as the beautiful Queen that she was in her early years of the 1950s and 60s. 

Our art will be based on a young Queen whilst vibrantly showcasing the array of classy colours of hats, clothing, pearls and brooches that she chose to wear. 


The Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide everyone in crypto and NFTs who loved the Queen, the British Monarchy or any Proud Brit with an NFT that can be used as a PFP on Twitter.

If you are British and proud, this is the NFT for you.

Our second goal is to provide commemorative artwork that is immutably encapsulated in time on the blockchain and created during the 10 days of mourning following the sad passing of Her Majesty. 

Never again will any piece of artwork have the chance to be created and minted on the blockchain at the time of the Queens passing. This artwork will go down in Royal Blockchain History…and so too will buyers.


The Range

Only 1 Queen


Presale mints 29th September – follow us on Twitter to get whitelisted.

Public sale will be after this TBC – again follow us on Twitter to keep updated

We are two British business partners working in Digital Media. We will not be doxxing, sorry.

If the content is popular we will open up our main Discord for QENFT holders